Saumya, a Visual Communication designer hailing from Ahmedabad, India, is a Graduate from MIT Institute of Design Pune, India.

Having spent most of his adolescent years at Sahyadri School, a J. Krishnamurti residential school in Pune, he grew up in mother nature’s lap, which has, through the years inspired him in most of his work and creations.

As a gifted storyteller, which clearly reflects in his illustrations, he possesses one of the most wonderful tools of being able to translate his figments of imagination beautifully through water colour paintings and pen illustrations of a world unknown to all but his imagination.

His passion for travelling often finds him trotting over different places around the world. As an aficionado for Art History, Culture and Music, he tries to enhance his keen interest by capturing all the wonderful moments and serene landscapes through his lens.

The definition of a great evening for him would be to spend time at a remote area in the wild, strumming his guitar and relishing a scrumptious meal.


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