Reputation DAO

Reputation DAO offers verifiable and programmable reputation services for decentralized financing. The platform is constructing the fundamental infrastructure, powered by Chainlink, for a comprehensive credit system to emerge in Decentralised Finance (DeFi) – the equivalent of a credit scoring system in traditional finance – in order to open up collateralised lending to a broader set of use cases and mainstream DeFi.

In order to make the experience seamless and resonate with the familiarity of using traditional financial tools, the challenge was to make this new and exciting Web3 experience as easy and user-friendly. Considering how Blockchain functions and how best to break it down in pieces for users to understand it, I developed and crafted the entire user experience and interface for this PaaS tool and worked on several new features that were eventually filed for patents. Along with crafting the UX and UI of this platform, I also worked on enhancing it further as a Prediction Analytics tool that allows users to further, rank, predict and find their scope of activity on the blockchain.