revealit TV

Creating the future of TV at revealit by making the streaming experience more interactive, social and shoppable.

As the tagline says: ‘Shop What You See’, revealit TV is all about rewarding the users for their attention by letting them have full control of their streaming experience by choosing when to see ads, where to see ads and most importantly if at all they wish to see any ads.
Being the product designer, I helped with developing their complete visual language – from redesigning their identity and giving colours that define their range of products to crafting their user experience for the mobile app (available on iOS and Android), to creating engaging interfaces for their Curator platform and the internal managing tool, which is known as the Campaign Manager and ultimately updating their sleek look & feel through a fresh website.
At revealit TV, working with developers and product owners and managers was a daily process which took us through several iterations and user reviews/feedback to make the experience as engaging and exciting as possible.