Surreal Infrared Photography

A group of landscape photographs from my time in Plymouth, UK, that have been edited and developed in a way as if they were clicked through an infrared filter.
The project was simply for personal interest, in trying to imagine what the world would look like through a spectrum not seen by our naked eyes, offering a whole new perspective in the surreal context of photography.
Another idea behind these photographs was to give the viewer a sense of excitement and wonder, re-enhancing their childhood imagination and being able to witness what it would truly be to live in a world where colours of all the natural forms kept changing.

M|O Design

Massimo Ottone is an Italian Furniture Designer who has worked and collaborated with several Italian and International Fashion and Furniture design agencies like Minotti, Dedar, Missoni, to name a few. His latest initiative has now been to develop his own brand of Furniture (under the company; M|O) that is finely hand-crafted by Italian craftsmen in creating some of the most finest and luxury experiences for its customers. Developing furniture for categories like Living (sofas, Chairs, Beds), Entertainment (Poker Tables, Pool Tables, etc.) and Outdoor Seating experiences, a set of catalogues were made to showcase the large array of products available.

For each category, a set of two catalogues were made (Product Catalogue and Price List respectively) and in addition to that, a handbook of the plethora of materials available for all the products under the title ‘M|O Material Library’ was created. The project, although largely a part of Editorial Design also consisted of coordinating between vendors for Product Renders, Material Photographs, Client Requirements and Art Direction for the brand’s visual appeal.

The company has initiated its offices and operations from India and Italy, providing and shipping products globally through their chain of Italian Craftsmen and Export houses.

Reynolds Trimax

For over seven decades, Reynolds has crafted and invented high-quality writing instruments for people of all ages and cultures. Today, Reynolds is one of the most well-known brands in the Indian market with fabulous top-of-mind awareness and carries various much-in-demand products across academic and business uses. In early 2000s, Reynolds introduce a phenomenal gel pen, Trimax, which became an immediate success across the country and received over a million loyal customers. Having used the pen for schooling purposes, Reynolds Trimax has been a part of my daily use in the office too.

It was an honour to be able to develop a campaign for Trimax, targeting audiences in primary school, as well as higher secondary schools. The focus of the campaign was to develop curiosity among the young population and motivate them to be more creative, more adventurous and explore their talents.

The illustrations developed for the campaign were personally done by me with the Trimax pens of their respective colours. It was an exciting project to work on and an absolute fun to be able to immerse myself back to my childhood days using the imagination of mythical and fantasy creatures.

Metis Intellisystems

Metis Intellisystems Pvt. Ltd. is a company based out of India that has focused on a relatively new sector under the Fintech industry. Based on Artificial intelligence and machine learning, their system draws patterns from various data acquired through their platform which helps in marketing and selling financial products much more efficiently.
One of Their products also uses AI to filter and acquire necessary data from several financial documents like bank statements, financial statements, etc. to analyse a large chunk and segregate to more simple and understandable nuggets.
The branding for the company began a little after mid-2021 where an identity was developed, along with other elements under their visual language, and in addition to that, a framework was developed for their digital platforms (website and smartphone application).

The name is derived directly from Metis (the goddess of wisdom in Greek mythology) and the identity is represented by an owl, resonating with not only as a symbol of wisdom but also with one of the main services provided by the company of filtering and focusing on a particular data among a large chunk (portrayed by the bird’s eye – its binocular night vision).

The company now focuses specifically upon the financial sector (Large banks, NBFC’s; Small Finance Banks, Cooperative Banks, etc.) with many more projects planned for the near future.