M|O Design

Massimo Ottone is an Italian Furniture Designer who has worked and collaborated with several Italian and International Fashion and Furniture design agencies like Minotti, Dedar, Missoni, to name a few. His latest initiative has now been to develop his own brand of Furniture (under the company; M|O) that is finely hand-crafted by Italian craftsmen in creating some of the most finest and luxury experiences for its customers. Developing furniture for categories like Living (sofas, Chairs, Beds), Entertainment (Poker Tables, Pool Tables, etc.) and Outdoor Seating experiences, a set of catalogues were made to showcase the large array of products available.

For each category, a set of two catalogues were made (Product Catalogue and Price List respectively) and in addition to that, a handbook of the plethora of materials available for all the products under the title ‘M|O Material Library’ was created. The project, although largely a part of Editorial Design also consisted of coordinating between vendors for Product Renders, Material Photographs, Client Requirements and Art Direction for the brand’s visual appeal.

The company has initiated its offices and operations from India and Italy, providing and shipping products globally through their chain of Italian Craftsmen and Export houses.