Metis Intellisystems

Metis Intellisystems Pvt. Ltd. is a company based out of India that has focused on a relatively new sector under the Fintech industry. Based on Artificial intelligence and machine learning, their system draws patterns from various data acquired through their platform which helps in marketing and selling financial products much more efficiently.
One of Their products also uses AI to filter and acquire necessary data from several financial documents like bank statements, financial statements, etc. to analyse a large chunk and segregate to more simple and understandable nuggets.
The branding for the company began a little after mid-2021 where an identity was developed, along with other elements under their visual language, and in addition to that, a framework was developed for their digital platforms (website and smartphone application).

The name is derived directly from Metis (the goddess of wisdom in Greek mythology) and the identity is represented by an owl, resonating with not only as a symbol of wisdom but also with one of the main services provided by the company of filtering and focusing on a particular data among a large chunk (portrayed by the bird’s eye – its binocular night vision).

The company now focuses specifically upon the financial sector (Large banks, NBFC’s; Small Finance Banks, Cooperative Banks, etc.) with many more projects planned for the near future.